The Blog Awakens – Enjoy!

Why  I’m Here

Apparently my IT person opened this site for the now-defunct Nara Press, LLC, a small publishing company I originally set up in 2010 to publish my first book, Gnarly Branches, Ancient Trees – the Life and Works of Dan Robinson, Bonsai Pioneer. Later, Nara Press also re-published an old book of mine from 1992 under the new name of Simple Meditation.

I enjoyed the writing, photographing and publishing of those two books, but found the promotion of the books, and dealing with Amazon, distasteful. Since I have a great day job, I simply closed Nara Press down.

I also never thought to open a blog because I find social media in general quite useless or distasteful, and destructive of a great many lives. But I frequent a news site that requires I have an account here in order to post comments there, so I came here to set one up and found I already had this account under Nara Press.

Since I have this blog, it occurred to me that it might be enjoyable for people who happen upon it to read a few of the better  poems I’ve written over the years. People may want to use the site to talk among themselves about the poems, but I have little interest in entering into a social media-style back & forth with folks about them. I merely offer the poems for anyone who can enjoy the moments they try to capture and communicate through the blend of meaning and music found in their words.



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