On the Fantail, Leaving the Philippines   these islands a thousand ripe memories like perfumed clouds bringing soft rains swelling the tropical streams of my soul my heart swims slowly like the great sea turtles endlessly roaming the Sibuyan Sea with reptilian urgings to lay eggs again on the warm brown sands of Luzon on […]

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The Sharing: Scotch & Friends let’s suppose it all really is just energy and energy condensed – incarnate masquerading as matter and suppose this energy/matter exists somehow neatly/orderly in multi-universes in space/time whatever that is let’s just suppose still underlying /pervading even that there is awareness your awareness my awareness undeniable primordial/foundational and aware – perhaps that […]

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Poem 5

                            Leaving Nashville   Dolly Parton has vacated my soul the essence of Merle and Loretta now no longer weeps nor seeps from the pores of my skin   my ears are not plugged with barroom vomit my tongue no longer speaks […]

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Poem 4

  Christmas Morning, 1973   cold winds gust annoying my face with rain city-smells bother from the slopes of Hong Kong   the world is grey city to starboard harbor water rippled with rain freighters and junks in the murky distance all grey in the dawn   my thoughts, too leaden clouded from Christmas Eve […]

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