Poem 3

             A Haiku   Old room, growing bare. Small Buddha. Just one sutra. Scent of burning leaves.   Advertisements

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Poem 2

            Mama Hall   stands in the kitchen ignoring the aching veins swollen from years at the stove and sink in the only room Daddy Hall finished before dying, the only room anyone cared about anyway staring west this winter morning past bare apple branches across Kerr’s Creek, Route 60 […]

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Poem 1

  An Astronomer Drives His Wife Home   she had mixed Scotch and wine and was going to be sick crying already with shame as he pulled off the road and helped her bend down the familiar stars overhead were mute they would not speak tonight of infinities, beginnings and ends, singularities, Einsteinian ultimate whys […]

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The Blog Awakens – Enjoy!

Why  I’m Here Apparently my IT person opened this site for the now-defunct Nara Press, LLC, a small publishing company I originally set up in 2010 to publish my first book, Gnarly Branches, Ancient Trees – the Life and Works of Dan Robinson, Bonsai Pioneer. Later, Nara Press also re-published an old book of mine […]

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